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Pin-on Corsage-Joyful Red Ball Flower 喜滋滋紅果實永生胸花

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  • 請於送花前提早3日以上訂購,從容提早準備是最好的祝福心意!
  • 我們重視溝通與花本身的品質,無法承接臨時當日急件
  • 花材會因季節不同而有些微變動
  • 有時器皿會有些微不同類似款,可接受再下單
  • 鮮花避免日光直射,請放置室內陰涼處,夏季建議開冷氣或電扇
  • 照護花材方式:一日補水一次,正常花期約5-7日左右
  • 介意花種者,請務必留意或私訊後再下單 
  • 若直接下單完畢,也請主動聯繫我們,讓我們即時為您確認

Ordering Guidelines

  • - Please place your order at least 3 days in advance of the desired delivery date. Early preparation allows for the best wishes!
  • - We prioritize communication and the quality of our flowers. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate last-minute urgent requests on the same day.
  • - Flower materials may undergo slight variations due to seasonal changes.
  • - Occasionally, the vessel may be slightly different but similar in style. Please accept these variations when placing an order.
  • - Keep fresh flowers away from direct sunlight. Place them indoors in a cool and shaded area. In summer, using air conditioning or a fan is recommended.
  • - Care for the flowers by replenishing water once a day. The normal flower lifespan is around 5-7 days.
  • - If you have specific preferences for flower types, please pay attention or inquire before placing an order.
  • - If you've completed your order directly, please proactively contact us for immediate confirmation.



鮮花花禮屬台灣消保法第19條第2項但書規定:容易腐敗、保存期限較短或解約時即將逾期之商品。(例如:現做餐盒或蔬果等,蛋糕或鮮奶等商品,因其本身容易快速變質腐壞,均不適宜退還後再出售) 不適用網路購物七天鑑賞期可退換貨之規則。

Return & Exchange Policy

Before making a purchase, please be aware that fresh flower products are not eligible for return or exchange if the package has been left unopened in a hot environment for more than 2 hours or subjected to uncontrollable conditions such as accidental damage or falling. By completing the order after detailed communication, you acknowledge and agree that we do not accept returns or exchanges based on personal preferences for floral materials.

Fresh flower gifts fall under the provisions of Article 19, Paragraph 2 of Taiwan's Consumer Protection Act, which states:

Goods that are perishable, have a short shelf life, or are about to expire upon termination of the contract (e.g., freshly made meal boxes, fruits, cakes, or fresh milk) are not eligible for the seven-day cooling-off period for online shopping and cannot be returned or exchanged.

商品與配送說明 Product & Shipping

  • 服務範疇大台北區(部分地區無法配送)
  • 出貨前會提供該商品當下清楚照片確認
  • 如需特殊尺寸歡迎與我們聯繫客製化
  • 單件商品限一位收件人簽收,若相同地址、不同簽收者則視為不同訂單
  • 普通件為接單日後48小時出貨,如急件請來訊告知
  • 請確認收件者能於指定時間內簽收,以免負擔二次運費
  • Service Coverage: Greater Taipei Area (Some areas may not be eligible for delivery).
  • For custom sizes, please feel free to contact us.
  • Each item is limited to one recipient for signature upon delivery. If there are multiple recipients at the same address with different signatories, it will be considered as separate orders.
  • Normal items are shipped within 48 hours after the order is placed. For urgent requests, please contact us.
  • Please ensure that the recipient can sign for the delivery within the specified time to avoid additional shipping costs.