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Pin-on Corsage-Garden Rose 庭園玫瑰胸花

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  • 請於送花前提早3日以上訂購,從容提早準備是最好的祝福心意!
  • 此商品不需水分,可長時間保持,整體尺寸約5x8x5cm。
  • 可以作為別針或夾子固定在衣服,方便拆卸且安全。
  • 因季節而花材會略有些不同,皆以永生花或乾燥花為主體,如介意花品種者請留意敘述或私訊後再下單。
  • 避免潮濕,遠離水源與火源,正常保存可存放2-3年,依照環境溼度有別,請盡量保持最乾燥的狀況。
  • 花材若遇缺貨,將以風格設計相似材料搭配。
  • 以上商品尺寸稍有誤差,請以實際商品為主。
  • 若直接下單完畢,也請主動聯繫我們,讓我們即時為您確認。
  • 我們重視溝通與花本身的品質,無法承接臨時當日急件

Ordering Guidelines

  • Please place your flower order at least 3 days in advance, as early preparation is the best way to convey sincere blessings!
  • This product requires no water and can maintain its freshness for an extended period. The overall dimensions are approximately 5x8x5cm.
  • It can be used as a brooch or clip, easily detachable and safe for clothing.
  • Due to seasonal variations, flower materials may differ slightly, predominantly consisting of everlasting or dried flowers. If specific flower varieties matter, please check the description or message us before placing an order.
  • Keep it dry, away from water and heat sources. Normal storage allows preservation for 2-3 years, depending on environmental humidity. Please strive to maintain the driest conditions possible.
  • In case of flower material shortages, similar materials will be used to maintain the style. Product dimensions may slightly differ; refer to the actual product.
  • If you've completed your order, kindly contact us for immediate confirmation. We prioritize communication and the quality of our flowers and cannot accommodate last-minute urgent requests on the same day.

商品與配送說明 Product & Shipping

  • 服務範疇大台北區(部分地區無法配送)
  • 出貨前會提供該商品當下清楚照片確認
  • 如需特殊尺寸歡迎與我們聯繫客製化
  • 單件商品限一位收件人簽收,若相同地址、不同簽收者則視為不同訂單
  • 普通件為接單日後48小時出貨,如急件請來訊告知
  • 請確認收件者能於指定時間內簽收,以免負擔二次運費
  • Service Coverage: Greater Taipei Area (Some areas may not be eligible for delivery).
  • For custom sizes, please feel free to contact us.
  • Each item is limited to one recipient for signature upon delivery. If there are multiple recipients at the same address with different signatories, it will be considered as separate orders.
  • Normal items are shipped within 48 hours after the order is placed. For urgent requests, please contact us.
  • Please ensure that the recipient can sign for the delivery within the specified time to avoid additional shipping costs.