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Classic White 經典白色純淨桌花

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商品說明 Product information

  • 此商品為選購色系並依照圖片風格製作花束商品(花材可能與照片有所差異)
  • 鮮花避免日光直射,放置室內,一日補水海綿一次,一般花期約7日左右
  • 因季節而花材會略有些不同圖片僅供參考,介意花種者請留意或私訊後再下單

  • We offer our customers the most well-cultivated and freshest flowers. However, the state of flowers varies between seasons. Therefore, we encourage you to inquire before finishing your order.
  • We offer customized bouquets in season, with good color arrangement.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and give the water everyday, the period of fresh flowers is about 7 days.

注意事項 Important information

  • 鮮花依照季節狀態有些許不同,歡迎線上溝通後再下單
  • 以花的色彩為主,為客戶製做最適合當季的花束
  • 請於三日前或一週下單,彼此皆能充分溝通
  • 線上訂花專員歡迎加入LINE: @049beprp (包含@符號)
  • 臨時下單,無法指定花色與花款請見諒
  • 皆有完整包裝出貨
  • 服務範疇大台北區(部分地區無法配送)
  • 如需特殊尺寸歡迎與我們聯繫客製化

  • To have sufficient time for good communication between customers and us, we kindly ask you to leave at least 3 days to a week before you finish orders.
  • We have on-line order service, please add the following LINE ID : @049beprp (Don’t be confused! This account word contains an “@”. )
  • Customers who have urgent orders cannot choose flower color and style.
  • If you need bouquets with other sizes, please contact with us and we will customize them for you.

配送說明 Delivery information

  • 單件商品限一位收件人簽收,若相同地址、不同簽收者則視為不同訂單
  • 普通件為接單日後48小時出貨,如急件請來電或來信告知詢問
  • 請確認能於選擇時間內簽收商品,以免負擔二次運費

  • We offer good packing and shipping &delivery service.
  • Our shipping and delivery service is limited to Taipei City.
  • If you need order shipped to non-Taipei City, please contact with us at least a week before finishing the order. To preserve flowers during the shipment, we suggest you to use cold shipping service.